New shape of flip-flops
from Gion, Kyoto


Flip-flops, rubber sandals, or thongs.
If you try to find the origins of this popular modern world footwear, you will naturally find them in old Japanese footwear culture.

Zori (Japanese style sandals) that were born in Japan have become sandals to suit today’s lifestyles. Now we wear them casually every day and you can find them everywhere from the beaches of Hawaii to monasteries in India.

The beautiful arch shape of Hanao sandals represent the shape of sandals with universal functionality and structural beauty. Now Naito, a well-established footwear artisan based in Gion, Kyoto, has created brand-new sandals based off of traditional ones.

The “mana PROJECT” focuses on making super basic and futuristic designs with traditional origins. Now we start by presenting you the all-new Jojo sandals.


  • SS22.5cm
  • S24cm
  • M25.5cm
  • L27cm


  • 白
  • 黒
  • シルバー
  • 白
  • 黒
  • シルバー
  • 赤
  • 白
  • 黒
  • 赤

18,900円(税込) 送料600円(全国一律)


SBR, EVA, Special Cork...
Our materials are selected
to see our customers
wear them for all time


JoJo impresses us with their memorable center straps (maetsubo). This design fits toes well helping the sandals grip tight to the feet, and considerably reduces common troubles like feet getting tired after wearing for a long time. They are made of a special cork that is also used for baby bottle nipples. They mold smoothly to match the angle of the toes and and are soft to the touch.

The characteristically round shape of the rubber sole uses SBR to control the particular rubber odor. SBR is a common material used in tires that has superior strength and abrasion resistance. For everyday use and for favorites for years, a tough rubber sole is essential.

When wearing thongs, it is the strap that hurts the feet. Usually solid materials leave scrapes and cause soreness. For JoJo’s strap, we chose a stretch and friction-resistant material that is used for swimwear. Furthermore, we created comfortable straps by devising its structure to provide a pleasant feeling and the best fit for feet so you don’t get tired when wearing them for long periods.

EVA that is used in the core of the rubber soles has a bouncy quality and is hard to wear out. With its elasticity, you don’t feel stress on your feet on hard asphalt. We promise you lightness and comfort when walking with JoJo.

We have developed special cork for the sole. The material is natural and safe enough for babies to put into their mouths. They are comfortable for feet and are break-resistant.