We pondered over the potential of sandals in India


Japanese have an inherent mindset regarding boundaries, so we take off our shoes at certain times and change our shoes at other times to unconsciously create spaces.
Here is inside and there is outside. Out there and here, clean and unclean. In this country where people take off their shoes, we place our footwear to create and partition spaces.

A year before launching JoJo, I was struck by a thought and decided to go to India with friends.

India where it is hot and humid all year round makes us feel our roots. Indians have a habit of taking off their shoes when entering into sacred and special places.
We saw many shoes scattered around the entrances of temples in the morning and evening or in front of restaurants in the town. What really caught my attention was most of them were sandals.
Cheap rubber flip-flops that you may find anywhere in the world. Like here in Japan, flip-flops fit in with everyday life and have become a common sight.

But the disorderly sight of randomly scattered flip flops flung on the ground when footwear was originally a symbol of authority, was far from a beautiful scene. I suppose that footwear should be a symbol of happiness and affluence, and it is important to maintain authority and beauty starting from one’s feet.

Beautiful footwear even after taking off. Is that way of thinking any help?
When I realized that, I found out it is an important job to create the meaning of things and necessity again. With the determination to pursue this reality and start creating brand new sandals, I flew back to Japan.


  • SS22.5cm
  • S24cm
  • M25.5cm
  • L27cm


  • 白
  • 黒
  • シルバー
  • 白
  • 黒
  • シルバー
  • 赤
  • 白
  • 黒
  • 赤

18,900円(税込) 送料600円(全国一律)


Geta to sandal, and rediscover again.

下駄からサンダルへ そしてもう一度、再発見。

It is said that an American invented flip-flops after being inspired by Japanese sandal, zori.

It may be seem reckless to try to create things to communicate with people all over the world through something that reflect traditional culture like footwear. It could possibly destroy our traditions. But I believe that rediscovering sandals in Japan again can be our new start.

Things we can do by saving and protecting.
Things we can do by starting something new.
From a faraway place to close by, and from close by to a faraway place.
Like studying the melody of the ebb and flow of ocean tides.
Now let’s start our dialogue with the world via JoJo.

The thing is not to hand down but to make it again. The strength to do something over again is the one we need now.